S10 Software develops easy-to-use, free programs for Windows:

S10 Password Vault
S10 Password Vault
Auto-login to any website or program using account info stored securely on your own PC with S10 Password Vault {{version.PV}}. See the full details with screenshots.
Easy-to-use, simple, intuitive
• Customizable folder/account hierarchy
• Launching of websites and programs
• Autotypes info in websites and programs
• Account matching via window titles
• Custom account fields and attachments
• Drag-and-drop support
• Quick unlock using partial password
• Auto-start when Windows starts
• Print capability and "View All" mode
• Browser context menu integration
• Export URLs to browser Favorites
• A portable version runs on USB drive
• Companion app for mobile devices
Safe and Secure
• Military grade 256-bit AES encryption
• Single file protected by master password
• Optional key file on USB drive
• Strong password generation
• Foils malicious keyboard loggers
• Auto-lock timeout and vault auto-backup
• System tray icon showing lock state
• Secure synchronization between PCs
• Secure folder sharing with other users
• Digitally signed - no spyware/adware
• No browser plugins or toolbars needed
• Standalone launch scripts
• Compact program (535KB download)

Free for personal use. Donations appreciated. Low-cost business licenses.
Install S10 Password Vault 4.4
S10 Password Vault
Mobile app
5-star CNET editors' rating

S10 RedEyes
S10 RedEyes
Fix red eyes in digital photos easily with S10 RedEyes {{version.RE}}, a sophisticated red eye removal tool that also functions as a general purpose photo editor. See the full details with screenshots.
  • Circular/elliptical eye selection tool (rectangular in other programs)
  • Smooth redness removal; pixel blending along edges (anti-aliasing)
  • Adjustable eye brightness, pupil brightness, and eye color
  • Optional replacement eye for severe cases
  • General editing: rotate, resize, crop, adjust brightness, correct tilt
  • Navigation toolbar makes it easy to cycle through all photos in a folder
  • Photo printing with instant print preview
  • Digitally signed - no spyware or adware
  • Compact program size - download is only 263KB
  • Top-rated on SnapFiles: "Easy-to-use, effective, very good results."
  • Free - donations appreciated
Install S10 RedEyes 3.2
Top-rated on SnapFiles

S10 WebAlbums
S10 WebAlbums
Create elegant photo albums for your own website with S10 WebAlbums {{version.WA}}. See the full details with screenshots.
  • Easy to use - No HTML or other web skills needed
  • Instant Web View - no clumsy "wizards" or slow HTML generation
  • Index View - thumbnail display with drag-and-drop adding/reordering
  • Photo View - rotate, crop, adjust brightness, correct tilt, fix red eyes
  • List View - easy access to all photo titles and descriptions
  • Color palette, pattern library, border options, preview panel
  • Custom and pre-defined color schemes (themes)
  • Configurable web page layout for controls and thumbnails
  • Gradient shading, drop shadows, transition effects
  • Multiple photo sizes in one album - visitors can choose S/M/L
  • Auto-play slideshow feature with timer indicator
  • Multi-language support for controls in web album
  • Built-in FTP upload feature with smart update mode
  • Automatic list-of-albums page generation
  • Full-screen web view utility for local viewing
  • Digitally signed - no spyware or adware
  • Compact program size - download is only 467KB
  • Free - donations appreciated
Install S10 WebAlbums 3.2
SnapFiles award

About the author - S10 Software was founded in 2005 by Sten Herlitz. He has 25+ years experience in enterprise software development, with graduate engineering degrees from the University of Massachusetts and from Linköping Institute of Technology, Sweden.