Thank you for considering making a donation - it helps keep the software free.

The donation is for:

NOTE: If you are using the program as part of your job, please purchase a business license instead.

STEP 1: Donation

$5   $10   $25   $50   $100   Other

A donation will enable you to use S10 Password Vault Synchronization (which uses server-side resources and can therefore not be entirely free). For $5 you get a user ID valid for 1 year; $10 / 2yrs, etc. (max 10yrs). NOTE: There is no official support provided, so please try this out with the DemoUser1/DemoUser2 user ID's first.

IMPORTANT: After completing the donation, please return to this page and do STEP 2 below (pick up the confirmation file, which contains your user ID), unless you just want to renew an existing user ID - if so, specify it here:

Existing user ID:
(leave blank to get a new user ID)

NOTE: After completing the donation, save a copy of the confirmation email as "Donation.eml" in the folder where you installed the program. This will suppress the Donate link (which appears 45 days after install).

STEP 2: Pick up confirmation file

Note: Skip this step if you just renewed an existing user ID above.

Save the file as "S10_Donation.txt" in your Documents folder (or wherever your "Password Vault.s10p" data file resides). Also, make sure you are using the latest version, S10 Password Vault v{{version.PV}}.

Email used in Paypal transaction:

Your User ID for Synchronization is inside this file and will be recognized automatically. If you have an old User ID, delete it first via S10 Password Vault -> Tools -> Synchronize