Titles and Descriptions

You can enter information both for the album as a whole and for each individual photo, using any of the first three display modes (Index View, Photo View, List View).

Album-level titles/descriptions

Enter a brief album title in the textbox at the top left in the application window, and (optionally) an album description in the textbox below it. Use "Web View" to check the appearance. If necessary, you can add line-breaks (using the Enter key) in the title/description for better layout control.

In addition to title/description, there is also a textbox for the album date - this normally gets filled in automatically based on the "Date Picture Taken" property of the first photo added to the album. If you wish, you can blank it out or change the format; for example if the photos span multiple days, you may want to enter just month and year.

Photo-level titles/descriptions

You can optionally enter title and description for individual photos as well. The "List View" display mode lets you easily access the titles and descriptions for all photos in one place. In "Index View" and "Photo View" you can access this information too, but only for one photo at a time.

Use "Web View" to check the appearance. Note that photo-level titles also show up under the corresponding thumbnails in the web album's Index page. Moving the mouse over one of the thumbnails will cause the photo's description to pop up.

HTML tags are allowed in titles and descriptions, for example in case you want to add a hyperlink or bold a word.