Saving/Opening Albums

Saving Albums

An album consists of many files and is therefore saved as a folder. In the "Save Album" window, you specify both where to put the new folder and the name of the new folder.

The location will default to the same as that of your most recently accessed album. The very first time, the location defaults to a folder name "WebAlbums" in your "My Documents" folder.

The folder name will default to your album title (minus any spacing, because web folder names should not include spaces).

Opening Albums

There are a few different ways to open an existing album for editing:

  • Click "Open Album" in the toolbar or in the File menu, and select an existing album folder
  • Click one of the links in the recently-accessed album list in the File menu or in the empty workspace
  • In the Windows file explorer, double-click the file settings.s10w in one of your album folders