You can access the Options window either by clicking the "More Options" button at the bottom left in the main window, or by selecting the Options item in the Tools menu.

Web Page Layout

By default the controls, titles, and descriptions will appear to the left of the photo in the web album. You can optionally change the page layout so that these items appear above the photo instead. Note that this layout leaves less vertical space for the photos, which means the visitor may have to scroll vertically to see the whole page; it is therefore best suited for albums with only landscape-oriented photos, and for albums with less information (e.g., titles only; no descriptions or album date).

The layout of the thumbnails on the index web page is also customizable. By default it displays 5 thumbnails per row, but you can adjust this value as appropriate for your album (minimum 2 per row; maximum 10 per row).

Photo Size/Quality

When a photo is added to the web album, the program immediately creates copies of the photo according to the Size and Quality settings in the Options window. If you modify these settings, the copies will be recreated from their originals for the current album; if you have edited any photos in the album, a warning message will be displayed, as any changes would be lost.

Photo Size - Visitors to your web album may have different screen sizes and different connection speeds, so you may want to make the photos in your web album available in multiple sizes and let the visitor choose Small, Regular, or Large. The "Options" window lets you specify the exact size in pixels to be used (width for landscape-oriented photos; height for portrait-oriented photos) for each of the three sizes as well as for the Thumbnail size. Small and Large are optional.

Photo Quality - Two photo quality settings are supported - Medium and High. The Medium setting corresponds to a Jpeg Quality factor of 75; High corresponds to a Jpeg Quality factor of 90. The High setting uses less compression and therefore provides better picture quality but larger file sizes (by approx 65%) than Medium.

Default Page

You can choose what to display when someone fist invokes your album; either the index page (thumbnails) or the first photo page.

Transition Effects

For additional visual interest, you can specify to apply photo transition effects when a visitor flips between photos. The available options are:

  • None - Flips photos directly with no transition effect
  • Fade - Fades smoothly from one photo to the next
  • Wipe - Gradient wipe from left to right when moving forward; from right to left when moving backwards
  • Random - Uses randomly selected transition effects with varying parameters. Includes: Barn Door, Blinds, Checkerboard, Fade, Gradient Wipe, Inset, Iris, Radial Wipe, Random Dissolve, Spiral, Strips, Wheel, Zigzag

Note that if you do use a Transition Effect, visitors still have the option to toggle it on/off via the key E (as shown in the Keyboard tips box in the web album). Some visitors may want to flip quickly between photos and may find it useful to be able to skip transition effects.

Your web album will render properly regardless of what browser the visitor is using, however, Transition Effects are visible only to visitors using Internet Explorer 5.5 or newer.

Web View Language

You can change the language used for the controls in the web page. Some of the most common languages are already supported, but you can easily add support for other languages by adding a line in the file WebLang.txt in the installation folder. Please let us know if you find any translation inaccuracies, and feel free to send us the info for any additional languages so they can be included in future versions.

Slideshow Interval

Visitors can click the Play button in the web album to start a slideshow. You can control the time interval between photos via the Slideshow Interval setting (default 5 sec, minimum 3 sec, maximum 9 sec).

Footer Link

Your web album can optionally include a "Home" link which by default will bring the visitor up one level from your album folder. This is useful if you for example want to provide a page that lists of all of your albums. You can customize both the caption text of this link as well as the URL to which it points.