Adding/Reordering/Removing Photos

The "Index View" display mode provides easy add/reorder/remove functions for your web album:

Adding photos

  • Drag-and-drop one or more photos into the window, or
  • Click "Add Photos" in the toolbar (or in the File menu), and select one or more photos
  • Photos are added at the currently selected position; to add photos at the end, first unselect the currently selected thumbnail photo by clicking on the workspace background.
  • When a photo is added, the program immediately creates copies of the photo for the web album according to the size/quality settings in the Options window.

Reordering photos

  • Simply drag a thumbnail photo to a different position and drop it, or
  • Click a thumbnail photo to select it; cut it by selecting "Cut Photo" in the Edit menu (or in the right-click popup menu); select a new position (or none if you want to add it at the end) and select "Paste Photo" in the Edit menu.

Removing photos

  • Click a thumbnail photo to select it, and then press [Delete] (or select "Remove Photo" in the Edit menu or in the the right-click popup menu).
  • Note that this operation simply removes the photo from the current album; it does not delete the original photo file.